Foundation Of The College

The Faculty of Specific Education in Mansoura was established based on the decree no.1177 in 1990. Study at the College started in 1990/1991.Miniat Al Nassr college was established in 1990 and Meit Ghamr college was established in 1991. A presidential decree no.329 was issued to integrate the three colleges and attach them to Mansoura University as Mansoura Faculty of Specific Education and its two branches in Meit Ghamr and Meniat Al Nassr
Period Name No.
To From
31/7/2000 15/10/1998 Prof. Dr. Ahmed Zaki Mehris 1
31/7/2004 1/8/2000 Prof. Dr. Farouq Elsaid Gebril 2


Prof. Dr. Elhilaly Elsherbeny Elhilaly 3
30/7/2013 21/9/2010 Prof. Dr. Ahmed El Bahy El Sy 4
22/3/2017 1/8/2013 Prof. Dr. Ibrahim  Ibrahim Ahmed Ahmed 5
Uptil now 23/3/2017 Prof. Dr.  Abdallah Gad Mahmoud  

   The Scientific Degrees:

             The University grants the following degrees based on the request of the college:

   The Duration of The Study:

          four years are allocated for studying for the BA.  The Language of the Study  is Arabic .  

The Departments :

These are six departments

  1. The Educational and Psychological Eciences Department.
  2. The Computer Teacher Preparation Department.
  3. The Art Education Department.
  4. The Home Economics Department.
  5. The Music Education Department.
  6. The  Educational Mass Media Department

  Address:               Al Mansoura-Mansoura University.

web site :

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