Art Education Department

The Art Education Department in the Faculty of Specific Education graduates students in The Art Education specialization to meet the needs of the educational institutions and small industrial projects . The aim is also to provide them with the basics of knowledge and skills according to the international criteria and the requirements of the instructional institutions and the small projects in the various specialization fields. The mission extends to include upgrading the abilities of the graduates through providing post graduate studies for the MA and the PhD degree. In addition, the department contributes in enriching the applied sciences through original researches and through community service and development of the environment by providing counseling and sharing works and with different sides to upgrade the community aesthetically.

The vision of The Department

The Art Education Department seeks to achieve quality and distinction during the next five years ,and occupy an outstanding position on the higher education map along its different functions (instruction ,scientific research, community service and development of the environment. The department aspires to graduate students who own the ability to compete in the labour market, through providing a distinguished context for instruction and learning, in addition to providing the essentials of scientific research .

Aims of the Department

  • Preparing ,updating and developing the instructional programs , learning techniques and tools in all the sub specializations in accordance with the department's mission.
  • Achieving a distinctive level of scientific research theoretically and practically.
  • Upgrading and improving the professional level of all the elements of the instructional process as well as the research and administration processes .
  • Urging the staff members to participate positively in the local and international conferences.
  • Upgrading the artistic taste of all the college students in general .
  • Participating actively in decorating the civilized faces of the college , the university and the different squares in Dakahliya Governorate .
  • Consolidating the cooperative relations with the instructional institutions as well as the social institutions which share the same interests .

The Major Specializations :

  1. Drawing and painting
  2. Design and decoration .
  3. Sculpture and pottery.
  4. Artistic work and Folklore
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