Participation of the community service sector and environmental development in the Faculty of Arts in the celebration of Mother's Day

The community service and environmental development sector supervised by Prof. Samia Ali Hassanein partcipated in the  celebration of Mother's Day, which was carried out by Human Rights in Dakahlia Security Directorate under the auspices of General Major\ Magdy Abdel Ghaffar, Minister of Interior and General Major \ Ayman El-Mallah, Assistant Minister of Interior. The celebration was attended by a delegation of the human rights police of Dakahlia Security Directorate headed by Col.\ Mohamed Shams. And Association Dr\ Hossam Al-Hilali, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Shabab Al-Kheir Association and under the patronage of Prof. Dr. Mohamed Hijazi, Director of the Oncology Center, and Mr. Tawfiq Awadallah, the businessman. The delegation met with the young people under the auspices of the Oncology Center at Mansoura University. Headed by Dr. Waleed Adel, and in coordination with Dr. Rania Rouhy, the leader of Kayan family, Faculty of Arts as well as  assistant lecturer Rania Abdel Maqsoud, and the family of Oriental Arts under the supervision of Prof. Amal El-Shahawy, Faculty of Specific Education. Dr. Suzanne Zakaria General Director of Education and Dr. Zeinab Abdel Aziz in the Faculty of Specific Education and businessman Ahmed Al-Atabani, where technical and recreational items were presented .Gifts were distributed and  some games were played.White honey was distributed as well as blood donations for patients . Suggested measures were offered  to provide medicines, types of  support for patients in cooperation with the Department of Oncology .Emphasis was placed on mothers’ roles in building the present and future of Egypt .  Special thanks and appreciation were offered  to them. All parties expressed  their gratitude  to the Cancer Center, especially Dr. Samah Yahya, secretary of the Center, and Dr. Duaa Gharabawi, the Office manager of the Director of the Oncology Center, and all the public relations and oncology staff for their support.

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