Cultural festival of Minyat AlNassr Branch

Prof. Dr. Salama Muhammad Ali supervisor of the branch opened on Monday, 31 October, the cultural festival organized by the college library under Professor Aida Subhi’s management so as to promote cultural awareness among students

The festival's opening started with verses from the Holy Quran and the establishment of cultural competition between the students and the distribution of a number of gifts to the winners

The professor paid ribute to orginizers of this wonderful work for the spirit of partnership and cooperation that appeared between the administrative structure of the library and the students especially those who participated as subscribers in the Embassy of knowledge program. Wishing them continued success

A questionnaire

A prelude to the establishment of a centre for the training and development of the abilities of faculty and university members and leaders, , it has been approved to conduct a study to assess the current situation and training needs for university leaders by completing the following questionnaire:

The questionnaire, which aims to determine the training needs of the different levels of leadership in universities, and we hope to complete it by the largest possible number of colleagues from different leadership slides in your university in Arabic or English at the following link:

The second Survey is intended to show the human resources available to the university that can bear the training burden and implement the tasks of rehabilitation and support of university leadership abilities, and this questionnaire is designed for managers and leaders of the capabilities of faculty centers for the development centers in universities and certified trainers and experienced in training and rehabilitation operations, came directive to complete it in Arabic or English on the following link:

So please participate and print the questionnaire after completion and send hardcopy to the Office of International Relations in the university and in coordination with the :

Mr. D / Mohamed Salah - Responsible International Relations Office (01001780321

Faculty of Specific Education participates festival Induction international students

College participated the festival Induction expatriates organized by the Department at the University of Mansoura arrivals Sunday, September 4, 2016 the main conference hall building, public administration at the University of Mansoura

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