Amendments to the financial regulation of the plagiarism program at Mansoura University

Mansoura University announces the amendment of the financial regulations by amending Article (7) of the Prevention of plagiarism program in English and the adoption of the rules of work in the program of prevention of plagiarism in Arabic in faculties of (commerce, education, agriculture and engineering). As of 1/7/2017, to view the amendments click here

Training courses offered by the Technical Commission "ITEC"

The Supreme Council of Universities announces the training courses offered by the Technical Commission "ITEC" during the period from April 2017 to March 2018. The courses are offered in English and the applicant wishes to obtain the application form through the following website:



Scholarships for Japan

The Department of Cultural Affairs and Missions (Central Administration of Missions) announces the opening of the competitive system for obtaining doctoral scholarships, the joint supervision system and the post-doctoral scientific missions from Japan.
The application is made electronically through the website of the Cultural and Missions Affairs Sector during the period from 8/5/2017 to 2/7/2017 with a photocopy of all the required documents electronically and the paper file is delivered to all the assets Documents that have been attached electronically and, if not submitted, the electronic file is excluded after the expiry of the application period.
The documents will be sent to the following address: "7 Ibrahim Aboul Naga Street - Abbas El Akkad Extension - El Safarat District - 5th Floor - Nasr City". For the application form, please click on the following link:
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