PH.D Degree.

  1. Students who apply for the PHD in specific education should have the MA.Degree in the same specialization from a university in Egypt or a corresponding degree from an institute recognized by the Supreme Council of The Universities. In all cases students should have the estimation "Good" at least for their MA degree .The college board decides and organizes the timing for application ,enrollment and registration.
  2. Three courses are studied for the PHD degree:
  1. The student conducts an innovative research in a topic decreed by the Post Graduate Studies Board, based on the suggestion of both the Department Board and the College Board . At least one teaching staff member is responsible for supervising the research . Two years after registration at least should pass before the student submits the thesis to the department board for examination and discussion after the supervision committee presents a report admitting the validity of the study .
  2. For the thesis to be accepted for the examination and discussion, the student should have attended the department seminars for (6) months at least from the registration date.
  3. The awarded certificate includes data about the specialization, topic of the thesis, and the granted estimation (Pass,Good,v.Good and excellent).
  4. Students can enroll for the PH.D degree in specific education in Faculties of Education provided that they do not desire to study teaching  methods of  the specialization.
    • Students can enroll for the PH.D .degree in methods of teaching the specific specialization in the Faculty of   Specific Education (the Educational and Psychological Sciences Department, Provided that they have an MA . Degree in Methods of Teaching the Specialization from the Faculty of Specific Education .

Study Expenses

Egyptian Students

Delegated Students

1168 Egyptian pounds

               1200 $ Sterling, as enrollment charge for the first time.


         2500$ Sterling annually as study charges.

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