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The birth date The accurate specialization Occupation history Position The name
1/12/1965 Spinning, a textile and tricot 30/5/2010 A professor pr.Dr. Hani Abdou Qtaya
13/5/1952 Artistic works 28/11/2007 An assistant professor Dr. Majda Abdul Wahab Al Agmi
15/11/1963 Carving 28/11/2007 An assistant professor Dr. Salama Mohamed Ali
16/1/1964 Spinning and a textile 1/7/2008 An assistant professor Dr. Ashraf Abdul Fattah Mostafa
5/8/1966 Pottery 26/5/2008 An assistant professor Dr. Mohsen Mohamed Abdul Latif Al Ghandour
1/8/1969 Carving 1/7/2009 An assistant professor Dr. Mohamed Ibrahim Rajab Al Shorbaji
21/7/1963 Carving 26/6/2011 An assistant professor Dr. Hani Paulus Ibrahim
18/11/1965 Photographing 28/9/2011 An assistant professor Dr. Mahmoud Lotfi Bakr
5/6/1966 Design 31/8/2003 A teacher Dr. Ahmed Al Sayyed Abdul Qader Saqr
17/11/1954 Pottery 27/12/2004 A teacher Dr. Mahmoud Hamed Abdul Fattah
14/9/1975 Design 24/8/2005 A teacher Dr.  Hanan Mohamed Al Shrbini
1/10/1969 Printing and textiles 26/9/2005 A teacher Dr. Amani Abdul Hamid Zakariya
26/7/1970 Carving 28/11/2005 A teacher Dr. Ashghan Refaat Abdelkader Al Gamal
11/2/1971 Artistic works 23/1/2006 A teacher Dr. Ayman Ahmed Al Desouki Taha
17/4/1974 Photographing 25/12/2006 A teacher Dr. Ibrahim Ezz Ibrahim Al Qsiri
3/12/1964 Carving 24/7/2007 A teacher Dr. Ibrahim Ahmed Ahmed Al Sayed
1/1/1971 Artistic works 24/9/2007 A teacher Dr. Amal Mohamed Amin Al Shahawi
19/11/1972 Pottery 24/12/2007 A teacher Dr. Ahmed Al Dmrani Abu Zeid
2/1/1971 Pottery 24/12/2007 A teacher Dr. Al Sharnoubi Mohamed Mohamed
1/6/1971 Textile 27/1/2009 A teacher Dr. Mervat Mohamed Abdul Rahim
2/1/1972 Textile 29/3/2009 A teacher Dr. Rajab Al SayedSalama
1/1/1976 Artistic works 27/12/2009 A teacher Dr. Reham Ahmed A Sebai
23/7/1974 Art education 31/1/2010 A teacher Dr. Noha Hussein Ahmed
14/8/1978 Pottery 19/7/2010 A teacher Dr. Marwa Ahmed Abdul-Rahman
29/1/1976 Pottery 31/8/2010 A teacher Dr. Iman Mohamed Zaki Hamza Al Helow
29/1/1976 Art education 26/6/2011 A teacher Dr. Nermin Mumtaz Mohamed
4/7/1976 Art education 26/12/2011 A teacher Dr. Nashwa Mohamed Essam
1/1/1972 Art education 20/11/2003 An assistant teacher A. T. Jihan Al Sayed Hussein Abdul Dayem
8/8/1976 Pottery 20/3/2004 An assistant teacher A. T. Ashwak Ibrahim Rajab
27/1/1969 Photographing 1/7/2007 An assistant teacher   A. T. Nanny Mahmoud Ismail
7/4/1974 Art education 27/11/2007 An assistant teacher A. T. Al Shaima Mossad Mohamed
15/10/1980 Art education 1/4/2008 An assistant teacher A. T. Osama Abdul Azim Al Saeed
24/10/1977 Art education 24/6/2008 An assistant teacher A. T. Walaa Hamdi Al Shahat
1/10/1981 Art education 8/3/2009 An assistant teacher A. T. Mai Mohamed Ahmed Hassanein
10/7/1982 Art education 8/3/2009 An assistant teacher A. T. Shams Al Sayed Awad Ghareeba
28/6/1983 Art education 30/9/2010 An assistant teacher A. T. Marwa Al Sayed Mohamed Abdul Raouf
17/10/1981 Art education 26/7/2010 An assistant teacher A.T. Amani Muhammad Bedair Rozaik
20/12/1984 Art education 29/3/2011 An assistant teacher A.T. Doaa Salem Youssef Youssef
1/7/1985 Art education 11/9/2011 An assistant teacher A.T. Sara Mostafa Mansour El Daboosi
11/8/1986 Art education 10/11/2011 An assistant teacher A.T. Wael Abdul Hamid Anwar Eid
28/9/1971 Art education 22/8/1996 A demonstrator Demo. Hayat Saad Ahmed Al Siqilli
27/3/1982 Art education 22/2/2005 A demonstrator Demo. Rasha Abdul Hamid Al Anani
15/11/1987 Art education 1/2/2009 A demonstrator Demo. Basma Ali Al Sayed Zalat
1/10/1987 Art education 24/11/2009 A demonstrator Demo. Tarek Ahmed Al Bhi Al Sayed
  Art education 12/3/2011 A demonstrator Demo.Yasmin Al Sayed Ahmed Awad Annan
Nike Herre Sko Udsalg
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