The library contains a large number of books and references in all the study domains and specializations in the Educational and Psychological Sciences ,Home Economics, Computer Sciences, Art Education, Music Education, Educational Mass Media, in addition to general knowledge and specialized books in foreign languages.

The Services Provided by The Library:

  1. Internal and external borrowing.

  2. Indexing and classification.

  3. Film and slide projection equipment and services.

  4. Photography services.

  5. Numerical library for the teaching staff members and their assisting staff.

The College of Specific Education library  in Mansoura branch :
Audio-Visual material MA and PH.D theses Periodical Journals The books The vessel
DISK CD English Arabic
- 115 335 165 800 8750 The number
The College of Specific Education library in Mit Ghamr branch :
23 65 98 --- 832 9999 The number
The College of Specific Education library in Meniat El Nasr  branch :
1 36 130 103 1409 9271 The number


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