Home Economics Department

The Home Economics Department was established in 1990 when the college was first established . Study at the department started in the academic year 1990/1991. At first, the department relied on providing staff members through secondment from other colleges. Gradually, as time passed , the department witnessed a high degree of graduation and growth of distinguished teaching staff members, as well as, assisting staff members. In 2004 the total numbers of both categories reached more than forty. members in the main department, as well as, its two branches in Meit Ghamr and Meniat Al Nassr.

The Mission of the Department:

The Home Economics Department in the Faculty of Specific Education in Mansura and its two branches seeks to graduate students in the specialization of Home Economics to fulfill the needs of educational institutions and small industrial projects in the specialization . It also seeks to provide students with the basics of knowledge and skills according to the international professional criteria and the requirements of the instructional institutions, as well as, the small industrial projects in the specialization courses aimed at promoting a complete awareness of the environment's problems and the ethics of the profession. The department's mission extends further to include upgrading the abilities of the graduates through providing post graduate study diploma, MA and PH.D programs. In addition, the department contributes in enriching applied sciences through original researches, community service and development of the environment through providing professional consultations.

The Vision of the Department:

The Home Economics Department in the Faculty of Specific Education in Mansoura and its two branches seeks to achieve high levels of quality and distinction and hold a prominent position on the university education map, with respect to all its fields (ie. Education, scientific research, community service and development of the environment). It aims at the graduation of students who can compete in the labour market through providing a distinguished environment for instruction, learning and scientific research.

The Aims of the Department:

  • The preparation, updating and development of instructional programs and learning techniques and tools in all the specializations in accordance with the department's mission and achieving distinguished levels of instruction and scientific research.
  • Enhancing and developing the professional levels of all the elements of the instructional and research processes.
  • Upgrading the efficiency and efficacy of the community services through the use of self evaluation to develop educational output.
  • Spreading the quality culture with the aim of achieving distinction and creating positive competition spirit aiming at high levels of development.

The Main Specializations :

The department includes the following main specialization:

  1. Nutrition and food sciences .
  2. Textile and Clothes .
  3. Home management.
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