Meit Ghamr Branch

Mr.  Abdul Hamid Abdul Wahab Abdul Hamid - the branch manager

Mrs. / Boosy Al zonfoly Mohamed   the Office of the Secretariat of the College

Dean office Prof. Dr. vice dean of the faculty for the affairs of postgraduate studies and researches and the supervisor of Mit Ghamr branch :

  • Mrs. Soad Abdul Karim Shoaib a transcription and computer clerk for copying.

The Administrative Affairs :

  • Mrs.  Camellia Mohamed Abdul Fattah - the head of the administrative affairs

  • Mrs.  Nagwa Arafa Ali Ibrahim.

  • Mr.  Osama Maher Aziz - a security official

  • Mr.  Al Sayed Abd Al-Baset Ali Al Sayed.

The Personnel :

  • Mrs.  Iman Khairi Ahmed Mousa - the Personnel department head - a general cadre

  • Mrs.  Hemmat Mostafa Al Razzaz - a clerk for copying

  • Mrs.  Nafeisa Ismail Ali Hassan - the incoming and outgoing

  • Mrs.  Najlaa Mohamed Mohamed Shabana .

  • Mr. / Hassan Kamal Ali Shepherd - official temporary

Department of Personnel Staff in Particular:

  • Mr. / Ibrahim Mohammed Al Saba - Head of Department

  • Mr. / Mohamed Abdo Saeed Almdapga

  • Ms. / Samar Sami Ali Mohamed Bassiouni

  • Ms. / Maha Mohammed Abdullah Othman

Department of Cultural Relations and Pensions:

  • Ms. / Omaima Mohamed Waheed Mahmoud - Head of Department

  • Mr. / Abdul Ghani Abou El-Maati Hassan - official pensions

  • Ms. / Rehab Mohamed Sanad Ibrahim - official pensions

The Storage and Keeping Room :

Mr.  Mohamed Mohamed Ahmed Abdul Nabi - the keeping chamber official

The Merits Department :

  • Mr.  Nour Mohamed Ali - the merits department head

  • Mrs.  Fatma Mohamed Salama Al Znfli - the official of the salaries of the teaching staff members

  • Mr.  Hussein Abdullah Hussein - salaries official temporary

  •  Ms. Samia Ahmed Attia - official salaries of temporary 

  • Mr. Mohammed Hamed Abu El-Maati - the pensions official

  • Mrs.  Marwa Samir Mohamed Abdul Razek

The Department of the Financial Affairs :

  • Mrs. Faten Mostafa Al Shehabi - the head of department of the financial affairs

  • Mrs. Afaf Ahmed Al Tohami - reviewer of the temporary loans and touring return

  • Mr.  Al Sayyed Mohamed Abd El Hamad- the budget official

  • Mrs. Hoda Mohamed Mohamed Al Hawari - the collection daily wage writer

  • Mr. Abdel-Fattah Nasr Hamid  - the exchange delegate

  • Ms. Fethiye Al said Mujahid Ali - official maintenance contracts  

The Department of Purchases :

  • Mr.  Jamal Mohamed Ali Maarouf - the department official

  • Mr. Ahmed Samir Ahmed - Delegate purchases

  • Mr. Sheriff Said Sheriff

The Department of Stores :

  • Mr. / Mohamed Abdulrahman Mohamed Ahmed - Head of Department

  • Mrs.  Amal Mojahed Ali Solaiman - the permanent omission official

  • Mr.  Ezzat Abdul Galil Houtr - storekeeper sustained, and the priests

  • Mr.  Mohamed Anwar Ahmed Ibrahim - the observer of the subsidiary trusts

  • Mr. Mohsen Gomaa Abdullah - Monitor inventory constants

  • Mr.  Eid Ali Al Sayed Heikal - Secretary of the consumer and store

Department of Commodity Stocks:

  • Mr.  Mohamed Gamal Helal - Head of Department

  • Ms.  El Set Mohamed Mohamed Ahmed Amer - buffer stocks

The Maintenance Department :

  • Mr.  Attia Mohamed Attia - Department  the department head

  • Mr.  Essam Gooda Abdel Wahed - Maintenance Technician

  • Mrs.  Majda Fahim Helmi Fahmi - communication and maintenance of computers engineer

  • Mrs.  Amal Mohamed Abdul Aal Al Sayed Salah - the maintenance of computers

  • Mr.  Adel Mahmoud Abdel Meguid Mahmoud - electrician

  • Mr. Tariq Mohammed Abou El-Maati Morsi  - plumber

  • Mr.  Mahmoud El Sayed Ahmed Mahmoud - technical maintenance and operation

  • Mr.  Yahya Mohamed Ali Abdou - a carpenter

  • Mr.  Qassid Tantawi Shadi - a carpenter

The Department of Recording and Graduates :

  • Mrs.  Amani Mohamed Ahmed Rashid - the department head

  • Mr.  Mohamed Abdul Hamid Abdul Hamid - a copying clerk

  • Mrs.  Jihan Mahmoud Al Toukhi - the specialist of the affairs of the graduates

  • Mrs.  Hanaa Abdul Salam Ahmed Sheikha

  • Mrs.  Jihan Mahmoud Mohamed Hassan

The Students' Care Department :

  • Mrs.  Soheir Mohamed Al Sayed Radwan - the head of the youth care department

  • Mr.  Kamal Ali Ismail - a social worker and trips official

  • Mr.  Mohamed Said Abdul Wahed - a sports specialist

  • Mrs.  Sahar Mohamed Al Sayyed Al Najar - the scout and the public service

  • Mr.  Aziz Hadi Abdou khattab - copies and computer clerk  

  • Mr.  Ahmed Mohamed Al Muselhi - a media specialist

  • Mr. Moataz  Issa Al Sayed- a specialist sports

  • Mr. Ahmed Mohamed Abbas Imam - a specialist sports

  • Ms. Noha Salah al-Din Abdul Sattar - Specialist care students

  • Ms. Nashwa Mohammed Ahmed Hamed - social worker

The Department of Education and Students Affairs :

  • Mrs.  Iman Ahmed Abdul Salam Al Hamalawi - the head of the students affairs department

  • Mrs.  Seham Mohamed Salah Abdul Hamid - the official of the field training

  • Mrs.  Seham Helmi Ahmed Ali Al Ghamrawi - the official of the third year

  • Mr.  Wajih Abdul Salam Metwalli - the official of the first year

  • Mr.  Mohamed Mohamed Ahmed Abdul Nabi - the official of the fourth year

  • Mr.  Refaat Mohamed Ghasoul - the recruitment official

  • Ms.  Marwa Mohamed Amin Ahmed - Student Affairs Specialist

The Schedules Department :

  • Mr.  Osama Hassan Sayed Ahmed Khedr - the timetables department head

  • Mr. Sami Mohamed Abdul Rahman - an educational official of the Division of Media and Art Education

  • Mr.  Ibrahim Najib Najib Al Desouki - home economics department official

  • Mr. Abdul Aziz Mehdi  Abdul Aziz - official transport and book attendance

  • Mr. Ahmed Yehia Mohamed Ali

The Library :

  • Mrs.  Karema Abdul Moneim Abbas Abdul Hamid - the department head

  • Ms.  Riham Samir El_Dein - an official Department of Psychology, religions and the book metaphor and the teaching staff to enter data kindly

  • Ms.  Hend Abd El Nasef Sharkawi - Art Education Department official and the book of the teaching staff and data entry kindly

  • Ms. Samah Mahmoud Sharkawi - Art Education Department official and the book of the teaching staff and data entry kindly

  • Ms.  Samar El sayed Sweilem - official public knowledge and the book borrowing and the teaching staff to enter data service.

The Clinic :

  • Mrs.  Hanan Guda Atiya Abdul Aal - a nurse

  • Mrs.  Fatma Al Shahat Mohamed Ahmed - a nurse

The Printing Office :

Mr. Abdo Mohamed Khalil El Shaer - an official - the printing office official

Mr. / Mohamed Mahmoud Ali Maklad - technical maintenance and operation  

The Laboratories :

Ms. Fatima Mohamed Abdel Moneim - Nutrition Research Laboratory

 Mr. Al Saeed Mohammed Al-Ahmad Noseer - plant technology and the Internet

 Ms. Nadia Mohamed Mohamed Aboul-Nasr - Workshop details

( Mr. Khalid  El Sayed Wadi Al Adly - Computer Lab (1

 Mr. Hamdi El Sayed Atwa - Audio Lab

Mr.  Mohammed Atef Mahfouz Hassan - Computer Lab (2)

 Ms. Amani El Sayed El Sheikh - Secretary of the chemistry lab

 Mr. Sharif Said Sharif - the carpentry workshop

 Ms. Hemat Mostafa Razzaz - Secretary of vegetarian nutrition

 Mr. El Sayed Hamed Ahmed Abdulrahman - plant physiology

 Ms. Doaa Mohamed Mohamed El Sayed- vegetarian nutrition

 Mr. Ashraf Azab El Sayed- Psychology Lab

 Ms. Shafiqa Biali Abu Zeid - Workshop details

 Mr. Mohamed Sami Mohamed Hassan - metal plan

The Workers :

Hany Mohamed Mohamed Sweidan

 Hassanein Ahmed Hassanein Al Saher

Fathi Ahmed Bassiouni

 Adel Salim Murad Hilal

Salah Mohamed Mohamed Khedr

 Abdel Wahab Mohamed Mohamed Azab

 Attia Ali Ali Syed Al Ahl

Ali Abd al-Muttalib Metwally  Sheikh  

Mohamed Lotfi Ali Ghazi

 El Sayed Khalil Mohammed Hatata

Ahlam Mahmoud Ahmed Adakkmira

 Abdel Salam Ahmed Abdel Salam

Tahir Mujahid Ali Suleiman

 Mohammed Ali Hassan Aboul-Enein


 Ashraf Mohammad Mohammad-Najjar


The Temporary Workers :


Fatma Ahmed Nafeh

Ibtisam Mohamed Sabra

Hanan Yahya Muhammad Ali

Ibtisam Atiya Al Fouakhri

Ahmed Mohamed Hassan

 Ashraf Mohamed Al Mohammady

Fatma Reda Abdul Hamid

Reda Ahmed Nasr

Salwa Abdul Alim Al Rafie

Faten Ahmed Abdul Molly


Nader Ismail El sayed Aliyu



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