Meniat Elnasr Branch

The Faculty Manager Office

Mr. / Fawzi Hussein Sayed Ahmed - the branch secretary

Vice Dean of the Faculty of the Society Service Affairs and the Development of Environment and Supervisor on the Victory Wish Branch

  •  Mr. / Fawzi Abdul Moneim the Tantawi -  office manager of prof. Dr. branch supervisor
  •  Mr. / Jamal Mohamed Abu Al Wafa Youssef - secretariat of prof. Dr. branch supervisor

The Students' Care Department

The specialization

The name

The students care department head

 Mr. / Ali Mohamed Ali samra

A second sports activity specialist

Mrs. /Karima Ibrahim Abdul Karim

A second social worker

 Mr. / Al Sayed Abdul Razek Abdul Magid

A third sports activity specialist

 Mr. / Anas Abdul Mohsen Abdul Azim

A delegated social activity specialist

 Mr. / Ahmed Mohamed Abul Fouaed

A third sports activity specialist

 Mr. / Haitham Bahgat Ammar Abul Magd

A timer with social service BA

 Mr. / Wael Hassan Seweilam

The Department of Students' Affairs

The specialization The name
The head of the education and students affairs department Mrs. / Zeinat Al Sayed Al Sayed Salem
The media department official and the statistics department official  Mr. / Al Sayed Mohamed Khedr Mossad
The military recruitment official and the home economics department official.  Mr. / Hamdi Mahmoud Saleh Mohamed
The field training coordinator Mrs. /Nadia Al Hanbali  Al Sayed Al Hanbali
The computer department official Mrs. / Aziza Mohamed Ahmed Alimam
The art education department a students affairs official.  Mr. / Ahmed Mohamed Tawakul
A computer works official  Mr. / Mostafa Salem Ahmed
A secretariat works timer  Mr. / Mostafa Mahmoud Mohamed Mahmoud

The Graduates Affairs Department

The specialization The name
The graduates affairs department head Mrs. / Majda Mohamed Abdul Hamid
The review and authorization of  graduates and certificates  Mr. / Salah Abdul Wahed Al Sayyed
Keeping the students files and recording their data official Mrs. / Ibtihag Ibrahim Khalil

The Schedules Department

  •  Mr. / Mohamed Abdul Azim Abdul Sattar - the timetables department head
  • Mrs. / Raqia Ibrahim Abdul Moneim - the departments official
  • Miss / Thanaa Hussein Al Morsi Mousa - temporary official and responsible for the computer works a clerk.

The Department of Purchases and Stores

The specialization The name
The purchases official  Mr. / Al Sayyed Mohamed Al Askalani
Financial and administrative affairs  Mr. / Khaled Mohamed Sadek Abdul Hadi
The secretariat works timer at the department a clerk.  Mr. / Ahmed Sameh Abdul Hayy

The Department of the Commodity Stock

  •  Mr. / Helmi Ahmed Ahmed Abdul Rahman - the department head

The Personnel Department a General Cadre

The specialization The name
The Personnel department head  Mr. / Ubai Al Metwalli Khalifa Al Metwalli
An official the financial and administrative for follow-up  Mr. / Kamal Abdul Latif Mohamed Ali
The specialist for workers affairs  Mr. / Reda Mohamed Abdul Hakem
A first clerk at the financial and administrative affairs Mrs. / Zeinab Al Husseini Al Adl
A second at the clerk financial and administrative affairs Mrs. / Mervat Al Sayyed Mohamed Awad
The faculty assistant and the safekeeping chamber official  Mr. / Mohamed Sabri Mahmoud Abdul Halim
A second clerk for financial and administrative affairs  Mr. / Mostafa Ismail Ali Ismail
  Mrs. / Muna Mostafa Antar
A temporary secretary Mrs. / Nevin Mostafa Adel

The Merits Department

The specialization The name
The merits department head  Mr. / Mohamed Abdul Hadi Ibrahim
The executives salaries and their rewards official  Mr. / Al Mahdi Mohamed Khairi Al Mahdi
The workers salaries and their rewards official Mrs. / Sahar Ahmed Badran Subh
The pensions  Mrs. / Mugida Al Sayed Mohamed Tawfik

The Personnel Department the Special Cadre

The specialization The name
The department head for the affairs of the teaching staff members  Mr. / Abi Abdullah Al Hussein Saad
A third administrative affairs specialist  Mr. / Abdul Mawla Mohamed Ali
Third workers affairs specialist  Mr. / Hossam Ali Al Sayed Rajab
A fourth clerk for financial and administrative affairs  Mr. / Ahmed Al Sayed Awad Mohamed

The Department of Budget and Calculations

The specialization The name
Head of the department of budget and calculations  Mr. / Muhammad Ali Ali Awf
A timer  Mr. / Reda Mohamed Saad


The Faculty Treasury

The specialization The name
A second clerk, the pay delegate and the treasury official in the faculty  Mr. / Ahmed Ibrahim Mohamed Abdul Moneim

The Department of Maintenance and Workshops

The specialization The name
The maintenance department head The engineer / Sahar Ahmed Al Khamisi
A third agricultural production engineer Mrs. / Nevin Mahmoud Abdul Hamid
A plumber The worker / Naji Hassan Mohamed
An electrician The electrician / Naim Abdou Al Morsi
An electrician The electrician / Adel Mohamed Ali
A carpenter The carpenter / Al Sayed Al Sayyed Al Metwalli
A painter  Mr. / Ayman Abdul Razek Eissa

The Library

The specialization The name
A first information arts specialist and a  librarian  Mr. / Mazen Hassan Hussein Al Khouli
A second libraries specialist and the official of the internal  secondment Mrs. / Aida Sobhi
A temporary clerk Mrs. / Hanan Hussein Al Morsi Mousa
A temporary clerk, BA holder Mrs. / Fatma Ahmed Al-Qala
A temporary clerk, BA holder Miss / Dalia Osama Mohamadein

The Therapeutic Unit

  • Mrs. / Sayyeda Mohamed Hassan Youssef - a second nursing technician
  • Mrs. /Zawqiha Mohamed Al Sadat - a second nursing technician

The Assisting Services

The specialization The name
A foreman Mahmoud Ahmed Ahmed Al Basyouni
A second service worker Ibrahim Abdul Latif Qasem
A second service worker Mohamed Hassan Mohamed Abu Hussein
A second service worker Ahmed Al Sayed Awad Mohamed
A second service worker Ali  Ismail Ali  Ismail
A second service worker Rajaa Ahmed Ahmed Marie
A second service worker Ifrag Aly Jabr Al Frghani
A second service worker Zeinab Mahmoud Abdul Aal Salim
A third service worker Iftrag Al Sayed Awad Mohamed
A third service worker Mohmoud Ahmed Mohamed Abdul Hamid
A temporary worker Hanim Al Sayed Abd Al-Rahman
A temporary worker Mona Ibrahim Mohamed Eissa
A timer Tharwat Mohamed Ali
A timer Majdi Mohamed Ali Abul Magd
A timer Abdou Mesbah Mohamed Ahmed
A temporary worker Thana Abdul Moneim Qasem
A timer Mohamed Solaiman Ali Shlbaya
A timer Ibrahim Abdul Razek Antar
A timer Hamed Mohamed Al Sayed
A timer Elsayed Ibrahim Mohamed
A timer Wasfi Mohmoud Abdul Halim

The Craftsmen :

The specialization The name
A car driver with the handicraft third class Jamal Ahmed Abul Fattouh
A car driver with the handicraft fourth degree Samir Awad Abdul Fattah
A motorcycle driver with the handicraft third class Hossamuddin Abdul Qawi Mossad
A printing worker with the handicraft fifth degree Mahmoud Ahmed Hassan Zaher
A second cook with the handicraft fourth agree Rabee Ramadan Mohammed Ramadan
A second Gardner with the handicraft fourth degree Ali Mohamed Ali Abul Magd

Security Force:

Name Specialization

 Major / Hassan Amin

 Guard Commander

 A. U / Abd Al-Karim Yehia Secretary of the Police
 A. U / Mohamed Shehata  Secretary of the Police
 Rabee Arif  Security
 Ahmed Abdel Azim  Security

The Keeping Room

Mr. / Mohamed Hashim Mohamed El-Sherbini - Specialist Calculators second

The Laboratories

The specialization The name
The caretaker of the laboratories of psychology and music and the languages laboratory and bacteriology  Mr. / Mazen Ibrahim Al-Qala
The caretaker of the laboratory of pottery and carving and metals  Mr. / Adel Mostafa Anbar
The caretaker of the nutrition laboratory  Mr. / Mahmoud Abdul Hakam
The caretaker of the tissue laboratory  Mr. / Samir Al Sayed Ahmed Shamsuddin
The laboratory of sewing and tricot secretary Mrs. / Jihad Wahid Ibrahim Hudhud
The caretaker of the nutrition laboratory Mrs. / Doaa Mahmoud Al Metwalli
The caretaker of the chemistry laboratory  Mr. / Mohamed Abdul Hamid Abdul Hayy
The main storekeeper  Mr. / Nabil Yahya Hamed Sayed
The storekeeper of musical education and psychology and the English language laboratories  Mr. Ahmed Al Sayed Awad
The art education storekeeper Mrs. / Mona Mohamed Al Sayyed
The storekeeper of the wreckage  Mr. / Mohamed Sabry Mahmoud
A timer, ( the computer laboratories ) official  Mr. / Al Sayed Mohamed Jomaah
A temporary Mrs. / Fariza Mostafa Ali Mohemed
A temporary Miss / Iman Aby Abdullah Al-Hussein

Headquarters Affairs :

Name Specialization
 Mr. / Mustafa Ismail Ali  Second clerk
 Mr. / Fayez Jad Said  Temporary


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