Scientific Degrees and Courses


  As mentioned above the college grants The Special Diploma, The MA. and Ph.D degrees in all the specializations studied under the supervision of six departments .


  1. The Educational and Psychological science:    
  •           Computer Instruction. 
  •           Home economics.
  •           Art education.
  •           Educational Mass Media.
  •           Music Education.
  1.  Mass Media Education (educational school journalism ,broadcasting and television, educational theatre).
  2.  Art education ( drawing and painting ,design and decoration carving and pottery ,artistic and folklore works).
  3.  Preparation of computer teachers (Using the computer in education, using technology in education and libraries).
  4.  Home Economics (nutrition and food sciences, textile and clothes, house management).
  5.  Music Education (Theories and music composition, Arabic music – sulfaig and motional rhythm, performance).


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