It unit

Unit Vision: -

  • Active participation in improving teaching and learning process to enhance students ' levels, using various e-learning techniques to achieve the quality of education by producing and activating e-courses in our college and its branches.
  • Improve the educational process in the college by adopting e-learning as one of the basic educational strategies in the Egyptian universities, to be able to compete locally and globally.

Unit Massage:

Improve the proposed learning outcomes for the different departments in Faculty of Specific Education at  Mansoura and its branches, through the efficient utilization of ICT applications to support learning and teaching strategies.

 The  Unit aims to achieve the following goals:-

  • Spread the e-learning culture in the Faculty of Specific Education at Mansoura and its branches.
  • Train the teaching staff and their assistants to use e-learning techniques in the learning strategies.
  • Provide technical consultations in e-courses production to the different departments in the college.
  • Convert traditional courses to e-courses according to standard criteria .
  • Validate the quality of e-learning applications in the college.
  • Create storage systems to store  the exams of the previous years.
  • Help teaching staff to convert their courses to e-courses.
  • Provide courses and workshops for the teaching staff.
  • Supervise and update the faculty web site.


 Unit Organization Structure:-

Unit Manager

Dr.shaymaa mohamed mandouh

 Mansoura Branch:

Eng. Abdullah Elaraby Mosaad

Dr. Enas Ibrahim Ahmed

 Meit Ghamr Branch:


Eng. Doaa Mahamed Ibrahim

Eng. Amany El-Morsy lofty

Eng. Asmaa Hegazy El-Meselhy

 Meniat Elnasr Branch:


Eng. Marwa Taha Ahmed

Eng. Hanan El- Sayid El-Gameel

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