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Objectives of faculty

The Faculty of Specific Education, Mansoura University, seeks to achieve the following goals:

  • Preparing the specific education teacher to work in the pre-university education levels in the fields of: art education - home economics – computer teacher - music education - educational media.
  • Raising the professional and scientific level of the education staff in those fields and introducing them to contemporary scientific and educational trends through postgraduate studies, and training courses held by the college.
  • Preparing technical specialists and school activities supervisors to work in general education stages in the fields of educational technology and educational media, along its branches (school press - school radio - and school theater).
  • Contribute to community service, both governmental and civil, through academic programs, community service programs and environmental development activities.
  • Conducting research and studies in various specific fields.
  • Develop scientific research to achieve various aspects of growth (economically, culturally, and socially) in light of societal values.
  • Spreading the culture of quality among college administrative staff and employees while creating a spirit of positive competition with the aim of developing performance.
  • Updating and developing the professional and administrative skills of the faculty members, the supporting staff, and the faculty employees.
  • Updating and developing educational programs, teaching strategies, styles and tools, as well as assessment and evaluation methods in the specific education fields that are consistent with the mission of the college.
  • Establishing a mechanism for continuous improvement in all the elements of the educational, research and administrative processes in the Faculty.
  • Conducting self-evaluation and evaluation of faculty staff and departments to develop the outcomes of the educational and research processes with the ultimate goal of improving the efficiency and effectiveness of community services, in preparation for achieving quality criteria and obtaining accreditation.
  • Activating community participation in the fields of research, training and advisory services to provide new sources of financial support.

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