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Students' Military Service Measures


As soon as students reach(19) years of age whether freshmen or otherwise, they have to submit the military card (6 soldiers) available from the pertinent police station. In order to complete the measures of postponing their study, till they become (28) years of age or submit an exemption certificate .

  1. Regular students have the right to postpone the study till the age of (28). They can also continue to study till they are qualified .

  2. If the student has undergone the military service or is exempted completely or temporarily from it, he has to present an original certificate as an evidence. (Copies are not acceptable).

  3. If the statement No(3) does not apply to a student, he has to submit himself to the pertinent military zone to arrange for admitting him to take the tests, if he requests.

  4. The student who reaches (28) of age during his study in the college has to inform the pertinent military service zone. His enrollment registration is then stopped till his military stance becomes clear. He has to submit himself (to the military zone to be enlisted in the military service , then provide the college with an accredited evidence from the military unit.

  5. The student who is temporarily exempted from the military service has to renew the exemption certificate when outdated .In case the exemption reason is invalid or is non existent, his registration is cancelled and the pertinent  military zone is informed.


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