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Apologies For Not Entering The Examination


The student who wishes to apologize for not being able to take tests should submit the apology before, during or two days after it is outdated. No requests or applications are attended to after this timing . Applications should be addressed to the dean and handed personally, or sent to the college by a registered mail letter.

  1.  The students' affairs department informs the student who whishes to apologize for entering the exam to submit himself to the medical administration and informs the latter about the same matter.

  2.  It is not allowed for a student to repeat his apology for not entering the examination in one term examination.

  3.  Students are not allowed to apologize for a medical reason more  than two times during the duration of the study .  A third time can be added by a decree from the Instruction and Students Affairs Board with an authorization from the University .

  4. A student who apologizes for a social reason should submit an explanation of the circumstance with formal documents as evidence.


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