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The journal is issued three times annually with the aim of publishing researches in the domains of Art Education , Home Economics, Computer, Music Education, Educational Mass Media , Educational and Psychological Sciences , conducted or co-conducted by teaching staff members and researchers in the universities, scientific institutes , as well as research centers and concerned bodies.

  1. Researches are published in both Arabic and English .Each research has to be supported by a summary in one page.

  2. Three copies should be submitted for publication (the original and two copies in addition to a (CD) corresponding to (IBM)showing the utilized program as well as the publication charges to the editorial secretary.

  3. The first front page has to include the tittle in the middle of the line written in font (16 and bold) simplified Arabic , followed by the name of the researcher and his job between brackets in the same font .

  4. The research should be typed on the computer and printed on the quartz on one side . The typed page should be (12*19 cm, font 14 Arabic Simplified) with a line space 1.5 between lines. The average line word number should be 10 words. The lateral titles should be typed in bold font or underlined.

  5. The research should be carefully revised and signed for zero spelling or linguistic errors.

  6. The research should be accompanied by a concession from the researcher that it has not been published before and that it is not drawn from a study of any kind .

  7. All that is published in the journal should not be published in any way in another place without a written permission from the editor. Abstracts of the researches can be published provided, that a reference to the journal number should be included in the published material.

  8. Researches are submitted to the journal jury body of teaching staff members. Researches are only published after being approved by the jury.

  9. In case there need to be modifications, the researcher has to fulfill the requirements at his own expense and return both the original and modified versions to the editorial secretary of the journal.

  10. The journal is not responsible for returning the researches which have not been approved for publication .

  11. Publication charge is (350) Egyptian pounds for a research up (32) pages size(19*12cm) including the jurisdiction expenses inside Egypt. Five pounds are charged for each additional page. For researches from aboard the charge is (250)dollars up till(32) pages .Five dollars are charged for each additional page.


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