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Plan of Community Service and Environmental Development


Achieving of quality and excellence to taking a prominent place on the map of university education in its fields (education, scientific research and community service) in light of quality and accreditation standards, preparing graduates to compete in the labor market locally and regionally

Academic and vocational preparation for graduates of the college in bachelor's and postgraduate programs in various specific fields, and training them to employ their knowledge and skills to meet the requirements of the labor market locally and regionally,The message is also to raise their level of awareness of the ethics of the profession and the problems of society in order to contribute to solving them.

.1 Developing a plan to serve the community, developing the environment and monitoring environmental problems to find solutions.
2. Contributing to the development of financial resources at the College.
3. Developing human resources in the faculty and surrounding society.
4. Spreading health awareness inside and outside the college.
5 Providing safety and security and managing disaster.
6. Following-up graduates and fulfilling their needs.

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