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Master Degree

  1. To be enrolled for The MA Degree Study, Students Should have the Special Diploma in Education degree  from an Egyptian University or a corresponding degree from  a recognized academic institute. They should have a BA, with at least the general estimation "Good". Delegated Students are exempted from this stipulation.
  2. MA. students study the following three courses:
  • Advanced Statistics in the Specialization.
  • Two courses in the specialization one of them in English.
    Students Take an examination in each course for thee hours after a year of study . Two dates are specified for taking the examination .  Students are allowed to select an issue as a title for an experimental study only after passing the examinations.
  1. Students are assigned a research topic to  research as decided by the department board, based on the suggestion of the department and the college board . One specialized teaching staff member at least assumes responsibility for supervising each research . A year after registration at least should pass before the student submits the completed research thesis. A specialized committee of teaching  staff members is then formed for examining and judging the thesis for examination  and discussion .
  2. For the thesis to be accepted for examination and discussion, the student should have attended seminar sessions in the department for at least six months starting from the registration date.
  3. The granted certificate includes data about the specialization, the research topic, and the granted estimation(Pass, good, V.good and excellent).
    • The supervision committee should include one member at least from the college.
    • Students who have the Special Diploma in curricula and teaching methods in the specialization can register for the MA degree in teaching methods in the specialization in the Faculty of Specific Education .

Study Expenses

Egyptian Students

Delegated Students

868Egyptian pounds

               1200 $ Sterling as enrollment charge for the first time.


   -       1200 $ Sterling annually as study charges .

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