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Dean's Welcome

  Dear my daughters Faculty of Nursing students,Peace be upon you and God's mercy and blessings 

Faculty of Nursing is a new addition of the Mansoura University in order to improve and upgrading medical service, its honor to me to welcome yours at the beginning of the new academic year.

Our message in the Faculty of Nursing is to contribute to the overall development on the international map of universities with advanced scientific excellence so that recognized at the national level and international college and be able to produce exceptional graduates able to compete in regional labor markets and international and contribute its scientific research to contribute In solving the problems of nursing in particular and the problems of society in general.

Dear students My heartfelt congratulations to joining college make you eligible for a scientific exercise, which allows humanitarian action, using white as angels surrounding breezes and I ask you to keep this relationship in your treatment with patients because they are in dire need of humanitarian deal.

And to be awarded to know that the management of the Faculty of Nursing all keen to ensure that the basic function and service of students and develop their skills and abilities and help them in all fields to the upbringing of their children a generation of students able to take responsibility Finally, I extend to you heartfelt best wishes for continued success in your life and the scientific process and invite you to clutch human values and forefend the honesty of this job , you are hope for the advancement of our dear country and its dignity and attain prosperity for our beloved Egypt.

Dean of Faculty
Prof. .Mohy eldin Ismail Alalami

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