Quality Assurance Unit

In light of the quality and accreditation system and the continuous support from the leadership of Mansoura University and the leaders of the Faculty of Specific Education to send this system, the Quality Assurance and Accreditation Unit was established in the faculty by the decision of the Faculty Council No. (95) on 2/1/2006.  This unit sets the mechanism through which a continuous system of quality assurance will be established in the college to prepare for obtaining accreditation .

Since its establishment, the following professors have  taken over its management:

• Prof. Dr./ Ashraf Refaat Al-Zayni

• Prof. Dr. Abdel Azim Al-Saeed Mustafa

• Prof. Afaf Hanim Ramadan

• Prof. Dr. Amani El-Sayed Ghabbour

• Prof. Hana Al Muhairi ( Currently )

  Unit Aims

 The unit aims to evaluate and develop performance, develop the educational and research process, and community and environmental services, by activating the provisions stipulated in Law No. (49) for the year 1972 regarding the organization of universities and the executive regulations as a step to obtain institutional accreditation for the college and academic accreditation for its academic programs through:

  1. Evaluating the educational process to determine the strengths and weaknesses by measuring the performance indicators of the inputs and outputs of the educational process (faculty staff - staff - students - graduates).
  2. Creating an integrated database of study programs and courses for the bachelor's degree.
  3. Enabling the college to achieve its mission and strategic objectives through studies related to assessing and evaluating performance and the quality of the educational process to ensure the ability of the college graduate to meet the requirements of the labor market in light of contemporary changes and challenges.
  4. Spreading the culture of quality and awareness of the importance of implementing evaluation and evaluation programs among all faculty members and faculty staff through organizing discussion panels, workshops and training courses concerned with assessing and evaluating university performance and quality assurance.
  5. Working on activating community participation to participate in monitoring and support quality results.
  6. Cooperating with the academic and professional community to establish a system of standards and measurement methods that comply with the standards set by the National Authority for Quality Assurance and Accreditation.
  7. Supporting the college in preparing and making an annual self-evaluation for the college to determine the strengths and weaknesses in the study programs and the possibilities offered by the college and presenting proposals and appropriate means to overcome the weaknesses and support the strengths.
  8. Supporting continuous improvement processes to ensure total quality and encouraging the college to be ready to apply for accreditation.

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