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Bachelor's Degree

The Ministry receives applications for admission through the international network of information through the website of the New Arrival Student Coordination System

2 The application starts from Monday 20/6/2017 until 12:00 pm on Saturday 1/9/2017, taking into account that the following documents are uploaded on the website:

  • High school certificate
  • The student's passport is valid
  • Student's birth certificate

3- The modification of the student’s data or desires remains available unless the (choice) is pressed for final saving.

4- The registration is considered canceled for those who submitted more than once or submitted incorrect or incomplete data or documents.

5- Dealing is limited to the student himself or his first-degree relatives (father / mother / brother / sister) or the representative of the embassy of the student's country in Cairo.

6 -After the declaration of the initial result, which will be notified to the student through his own account on the site of the international student coordination system, the student submits directly the originals of his papers to his country’s embassy in Cairo, to be in charge of completing the procedures. These papers include:

  • • The original academic certificate
  • • Original passport
  • • Original birth certificate
  • • Six (6) personal photos

* For students transferred from Syria, Libya and Yemen, they must apply directly to the college to which they want to transfer an application, accompanied by evidence of their enrollment in any of the corresponding colleges in the public universities in their country, according to which they will obtain a letter addressed to the General Administration for Accepting and Granting International Students in the Ministry with the initial approval for the transfer, then the student uploads these documents in addition to the high school certificate. Application started from 1/8/2017 through the website

 The Postgraduate stage

The application for enrollment in the postgraduate stage of the academic year 2017/2018 starts from 1/8/2017 until the end of March 2018 for the diploma and master’s degrees, and until the end of the academic year for the doctoral degree, through the website of the Cultural Affairs and Missions Sector of the Egyptian Ministry of Higher Education.

The documents required are:

1- Information and proof of application form (obtained from the previous website.

2 The original bachelor’s degree with a statement of grades (for applying to the diploma or master’s stage) or the original master’s degree (for applying to the doctoral stage).

2- A letter from the embassy to which the student belongs in Cairo (to determine the funding body at the student’s own expense or at the expense of the embassy)

3- An equivalency certificate from the Supreme Council of Egyptian Universities.

4- The original passport.

5- The original birth certificate.

Note that the application is centralized through the Department of Expatriates at Mansoura University, and the student can obtain initial admission through the email of the postgraduate stage:

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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  • • You can now equate university degrees (Bachelor - Bachelor - Diploma - Master - PhD) electronically through the website of the Supreme Council of Egyptian Universities:

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